Warehouse Roof Leakage

Warehouse Roof Leakage in Dubai

Al Intishar Insulation offers the best warehouse and metal roof leakage repair service in Dubai and all over the UAE. The economic boom of the early 2000s has seen an explosion of new warehousing facilities in Dubai. and all over the UAE. The speed of construction which was demanded at that time was at a cost of compromised quality,  and this has resulted in many warehouse roof leakage in Dubai at present.

Metal Roof Leakage in Dubai

Al Intishar Insulation has been one of the leading contractors in the field of waterproofing and repair of warehouse metal roof leakages in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. This repair of the warehouse roof leakage using polyurethane foam has an additional benefit that the leaking warehouse user gets in the form of cooler working environments and reduced air conditioning bills since the polyurethane foam that is used for the waterproofing is also an excellent heat insulation material.

This system incorporates polyurethane foam, the latest material in thermal insulation technology, moving ahead of traditional heat insulation materials. Polyurethane foam has significantly better heat insulation properties compared to such materials as expanded and extruded polystyrene. Polyurethane foam is a very versatile material, which has found vastly different applications – from insulating liquid fuel tanks in space shuttle rockets to protecting marine steel structures from saline corrosion.

This kind of waterproofing with polyurethane foam has an added advantage in that the polyurethane foam acts as a protective layer over the metal roof of the warehouse, thus protecting the metal roof from corrosion. This results in the life of the metal roof being extended for many additional years.

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