Concrete Repair & Leakage Addressing

Concrete crack repair Dubai

Concrete crack repair Dubai and crack injection has become a regular activity in the UAE and Al Intishar Insulation has a team of Engineers who study the problem in detail to identify the root cause, design the appropriate repair methodology and execute the repairs as per the site conditions and requirements of our clients. Also we have executed several structural strengthening works for various clients using jacketing technique and CFRP systems. Concrete repair dubai mainly include concrete crack repairs and structural repairs due to differential settlement of the structure and corrosion of the reinforcements.

We undertake all types of concrete repair dubai as well as leakage arresting in concrete structures. The construction boom of the first decade of the millennium and the haste and ensuing loose standards of construction have resulted in leakages in many basements. The uneven settlement of certain structures has also contributed to the issue. The treatment of these leaks is to be carried out after careful assessment of the leak and the derivation of a suitable treatment methodology.

Over the years, we have also gained considerable expertise in addressing wet and dry cracks in concrete in basements, bridges, embankments and water holding concrete structures.

Concrete crack repair Dubai

Crack Injection for Walls

Crack injection in walls can be classified into injection of dry structural cracks and active leaking cracks. For the dry structural cracks, epoxy resin is usually injected into pre-installed ports in the concrete and the surface sealed with epoxy putty.

But for actively leaking cracks, epoxy resins may not be a suitable material and Polyurethane injection foams and resins are being used. The Polyurethane foam resins react with water, expand up to 30 times and push out the water from the cracks. Then the cracks are sealed permanently using flexible resins.

crack injection

Structural Repairs & Concrete Protection

Delamination of concrete cover is the most common issue observed in concrete structures. This is mainly due to the corrosion of the reinforcement rods which come under attack from various chemicals and moisture in the atmosphere. We carry out non-destructive tests to ascertain the strength of the concrete and identify the areas to be repaired. Then the concrete cover is cut out to expose the reinforcement and the extent of reinforcement corrosion is determined. Based on the conditions, new reinforcement rods may be introduced using anchors or the existing rods may be prepared as per requirements. Then the surface will be patched up using suitable material as per the requirements.

concrete wall crack repair

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