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Thermal Insulation Suppliers in UAE

Thermal insulation For Buildings

Thermal insulation has seen a significant surge in the construction industry since 2001. This was prompted by a mandatory requirement set by the Dubai Municipality for all types of buildings, including residential and commercial structures.

For insulating roofs and walls, two preferred materials are widely used: polystyrene boards and polyurethane, which is applied through spraying. Polyurethane offers the added benefits of lower thermal conductivity and a seamless, monolithic structure.

When using insulation boards, heat can escape through gaps between the boards, even when employing ship-lap edges. In contrast, the monolithic nature of spray-applied insulation prevents such heat leakage and also serves as a waterproof layer.

In some cases, spray-applied insulation is applied to the soffit (underside) of slabs, particularly where there’s a need to block heat transfer from open areas like underground parking lots to air-conditioned spaces above.

Consultants increasingly specify soffit insulation due to growing awareness of environmental concerns.

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Thermal Insulation Suppliers for Warehouses

Due to their expansive roof surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, structures like warehouses incur substantial energy expenses for cooling. Implementing thermal insulation using spray-applied polyurethane significantly reduces cooling costs, offering substantial and rapid returns on investment.

Metal roofs in warehouses deteriorate faster than traditional concrete roofs, especially in areas around attachment points, resulting in frequent water leaks. Spray-applied insulation, protected by a UV-resistant coating, functions as an effective waterproofing layer, providing a 10-year guarantee against leaks. This adds an extra layer of advantage to the service.

For over 23 years, Al Intishar Insulations has been delivering these solutions to a diverse clientele, ranging from the Ministry of Defence of the UAE to private and corporate warehouse owners.

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Thermal Insulation Suppliers for Industrial Applications

Thermal insulation plays a vital role in a wide range of industrial settings. Many industrial facilities involve the handling and movement of hot or cold liquids and gases, either for storage or transportation purposes. To ensure that these fluids maintain their desired temperature in comparison to the surrounding environment, the containers and conduits they are stored in or transported through often require thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation can be applied in two primary ways in such scenarios: through spraying or by utilizing injection techniques. Injection techniques are particularly useful when the insulation needs to be placed within an enclosed space. This enclosure is typically created by an additional protective layer over the container or vehicle, allowing for effective insulation.

Marine Applications

Al Intishar Insulation has played an integral role in the maritime sector, specializing in the application of foam insulation. Our expertise extends beyond conventional thermal insulation, as we employ foam insulation to safeguard submerged components. Additionally, our capabilities include the replenishment of marine buoys, and we have successfully employed polyurethane foam injection to fortify the connections within submarine oil pipelines during the installation phase.

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cryogenic insulation

Cryogenic Applications

Al Intishar Insulation has extended its expertise to include cryogenic insulation services for the oil and gas sectors. Our track record includes successfully completing foam insulation projects for LNG tanks with DUGAS and LPG tanks with Petrofac. We have a consistent record of performing insulation and maintenance tasks related to the insulation and cladding of tanks within gas-carrying vessels.

Other Applications

Thermal insulation serves various purposes in numerous industries. For instance, within the logistics sector, it plays a vital role in insulating refrigerated transport vehicles. Additionally, in hotels and restaurants featuring open fireplaces near dining spaces, substantial energy savings are achieved through effective insulation, reducing cooling expenses.

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